Once a small Farm on the Outskirts of the Village, then a Bakery and Cinema …

Stone Age

First written records

... go back to the year 1738. At that time today’s Hohe Straße 21 was an old Brinksitzerei (a historic type of smallholding).


First ballroom

Claus Wachtendorf builds a ballroom.


Mill and bakery

His son, Claus Diedrich Wachtendorf, extended the building with a mill and a bakery.


Conversion to a cinema

The ballroom was converted into a cinema.


Wachtendorf becomes Burgdorf

Heinrich Burgdorf and Käthe Burgdorf (née Schote) buy the building.


Start of the hotel business

Since 1980 ten rooms of the then newly modernised hotel annex have stood in the place once occupied by the ballroom then cinema.


Restructuring of the outdoor area of the hotel


Extension of the building

In 2010, the extension was built at the front, towards Hohe Straße, where the bakery used to be located. The new bowling alleys are located on the premises of the former mill – hence the street name of “Mühlenweg”.


New hotel building

Since April 2015, 22 new Comfort rooms have been available for our guests in the new hotel building behind the main building.

And what will the future have in store?