Bowling Reloaded.

You will have never seen a bowling alley like this before.

All nine Bowling Pins with black Light

Darkness favours secret dealings.

Bowling Mode

Bowling strikes with two throws


“All nine bowling pins” with black light

Bowling comes back!

Bowling Reloaded.

At Burgdorfs’ they get the ball rolling: the balls on the new bowling alley, that is.

One of the two double bowling alleys was modernised past all recognition: 12 illuminated aluminium lattice-work supports ensure a party feel when bowling. The colour can be changed according to your taste – also black light is an option!

Not only for Bowling Clubs.

The anteroom is fitted with screens and a DJ-desk and is no longer separated from the run-up track by a door. On the bowling alley a glass panel ensures a pleasant room temperature. Thanks to the latest control technology, even the bowling mode can be changed, thus enabling clearing with two throws.

Another highlight is “erotic bowling” – but you should bowl your way through to discover for yourself what lies behind this …

At present, 33 bowling clubs meet regularly at Burgdorfs’.